From Despair to Hope: A Forty Day Devotional

From Despair to Hope: A Forty Day Devotional

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by Michael W. Langston, DMin and Kathy J. Langston, PhD

Trauma changes us. Whether war, rape, physical abuse, or other causes, trauma affects the lives of those it touches. Often, the traumatized find themselves in a free fall, searching for some stability in their disoriented lives. Few devotionals are written with healing traumatic wounds as a focus. From Despair to Hope seeks to aid those people searching for God in the midst of the chaos resulting from trauma.

People who have suffered trauma often seek God’s presence, but can find themselves hampered in that search by intense feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings can lead traumatized people to despair. The Bible reflects this despair in the Psalms and in the Gospels.

This devotional focuses on traumatized people who feel disenfranchised from God and from the church. Using many of David’s Psalms as well as historical stories, this book provides a path from despair to hope.

In Hebrew, “forty days (or years)” symbolizes times of testing and trial. This concept emphasizes that God reaches out to traumatized people to bring us closer to Him through times of despair. He walks with us on the journey through the wounds of our spirits and into a new hope in Him.

Acting as a guide for this journey, From Despair to Hope challenges readers to recognize their woundedness, begin the journey toward hope, and then to step out in faith so that they can fully embrace the hope that is available to us through God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

This book is scheduled to be released in August 2017. Look for it in Amazon!